Mahela was born in 2006 intuition of the brothers Mauro and Manuela Passalacqua, that – It has always been fascinated by the experience maker of Uncle Biagio, as head of the most prestigious roasting of the Neapolitan tradition – They decide to contribute in spreading the quality of Passalacqua brand through the pod system with its carefully selected coffee machines in Italy.

The starting point is – All the time – “A coffee tazzulella”, that from 1948 Samuel Passalacqua created by purchasing fine “beans” only from the best manufacturers from three different continents, becoming guardian of the true Neapolitan tradition.

The Indian feathered savoring the quality has always been the symbol of the company Passalacqua Mahela and we are proud to tell the beauty and history of excellence throughout Neapolitan.

In roasting arrive well 14 coffee of different origins, the best in the world, and they are processed by the wise and ancient recipes. To achieve a quality coffee must know and love him when it is still green, just so you can make precise decisions, as the harvest of beans by hand, non-mechanized, with slow methods and more expensive, ensuring the collection only the ripe fruit at the right point.

The waffles marketed are manufactured with a high percentage of the best arabica coffee in the world and there are numerous sources of origin for each product. The result is to offer the best, contrary to the standardization of taste which – always more often, the market tends, trying to numb our palates.

The increase in demand pushes Mahela companies to invest in new resources and equipment in order to offer higher performance and constant over time. Binomial is the key constant maintenance service and free on coffee machines, that the technical staff of Mahela offers to your customers in order to guarantee always a small cup to talk.

Today Mahela is the exclusive distributor of the wafer Passalacqua Manhoa of the world's territory.

For us, coffee is poetry
It's that timeless moment that gives you time
It is an opportunity to be seized
It is a confrontation with ourselves and with others
And a sensory journey through distant perfumes
For us, the poetry is coffee

Mauro Passalacqua