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About us

When ordering, you can add disposable accessories (Eco paper cups - wooden pallets, sugar)


Mahela S.A. S. By Mauro Passalacqua & C.

Mahela was born in 2006 for the love of coffee.

The brothers Mauro and Manuela Passalacqua, thanks to almost twenty years of experience acquired in the sector, they offer their customers selected products and high quality services.

The company is dynamic and always evolving and carries out rapid shipments throughout the national and European territory while maintaining and improving the quality of the service that made the development possible..

In the Campania area it specializes in the loan service for office coffee machines, companies, shops, restaurants and private individuals.

By choosing the loan for use of a coffee machine, in case of malfunction, guarantees technical assistance or any machine replacement always free of charge.

"Reliability, speed, courtesy have always been our objectives to always be able to offer our customers a smile and an excellent coffee!”


Specialized for over 20 years in the free assistance service and loan service of pod coffee machines. We address to offices, companies, restaurants, accommodations., shops and private, with delivering within 48 hours. The loan service is provided in the provinces of Naples and beyond.

Machinery from CAFFE '

Early intervention at your address. We solve on site or withdraw your machine within riconsegnartela 48 hours!
SPEED, COURTESY, QUALITY they distinguish us, the result of over twenty years of experience acquired on the market. ... and your coffee now will again be excellent!
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