The new E-commerce site Mahela is ONLINE

Mahela is proud to present its new website! Now you can buy all the goodness and taste of Neapolitan coffee par excellence. With Mahela your coffee won't be the same again!

Why a new site?
The overwhelming web development never stops, and in a few years it became – by means of simple exchange of ideas and information – a huge showcase ’, where everyone can buy and sell almost anything, from those more complicated (as a piece of furniture for your home) in the simplest ones, just like the coffee.
We could not therefore do not meet the new needs of our loyal customers: to be able to buy our coffee from the convenience of your pc or smartphone, and have it delivered at home.

The Shop.
In our shop you can buy a wide variety of products: from coffee pods to regrind, through our coffee makers and the & herbal teas. All in one virtual place, where the security provided by PayPal, the world's leading online payments platform, You can make your purchase quickly and securely!

However, if you do not want to complete for l ’ purchase, but you don't even want to mention the selected product, just sign up to the site to take advantage of our “wishlist”: your favorite products in one place, ready to be purchased and shipped.

The coffee just the way you like it.
From 2006 Mahela distributes the brand Passalacqua in Office, in house, the restaurant and accomodation facilities through the practical pod system, helping to make known l high quality of a product that ’ from more than 50 years is loved and appreciated.

Your break is important to us: for this we continue to always seek the highest quality, today as yesterday. This research has become the beating heart of our company: We want to satisfy the needs and tastes of all our guests, to discover their beauty, at times, he hides in a good coffee.

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